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Interview with Bobby Dexter Brantley (b. 6-17-54) as part of the Nash County Cultural Center Oral History Project. Brantley speaks about making chairs and his lengthy family history in the craft. He discusses his parents as farmers who later worked in manufacturing. He briefly talks about growing up in Murraytown, NC, and going to school in Nash County. Brantley says his family has been making chairs since at least 1750, starting with John Murray. He claims Murray learned the craft from the Shakers in Pennsylvania before he settled in what became known as Murraytown, NC. Brantley names many relatives while discussing the passing down of the craft through several generations; mentions outlaws Jesse and Frank James worked making chairs in Murraytown in the 1800’s. Brantley got his start at 16 when Earlie Brantley suggested he study woodworking. He details equipment and techniques used to shape wood; discusses a near-fatal accident his father had working with a saw. He speaks on purchasing/sourcing wood; mentions the types of chairs and other products he has created from wood. (side 2 interview ends at 24:19 followed by white noise until audio ends at 31:35)





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