This is a drawing from the Eastern Carolina Chamber of Commerce book
Transcription: Mr. Canaday was Mayor of Benson 1919-1923. During that time paved streets, whiteway, sewerage system etc. were put into effect. "Sure would like to get my auto license but money is powerful scarce." "Sorry." "Well how about it this time." "Sure." Member of Democratic Executive Committee of Johnson County, 1929. Senator from the 8th District of N. Carolina 2 terms, 1927 1929. Author of Bill in 1927 changing time of registering cars from June to December. Democratic principles. His hobby is politics. C.C. Canaday, Benson, N.C. Claude C. Canaday, Benson, N.C., was born in Johnson County, N.C., January 8, 1890. Mr. Canaday entered the active practice of law in Benson in 1914 and has remained there until present time. He served as mayor of Benson, 1919 to 1923; during his administration Benson took on "city airs" by paving her streets, installation of water and sewerage, etc., with beautiful White Way. Mr. Canaday served as City Attorney for Benson, 1927-1929; he was State Senator from the Eighth Senatorial District, 1927, and was re-elected 1929; he was author of the bill changing the time of getting automobile license tags from June to December. He has been active in shaping the politics of Johnson County on the Democratic side for many years. He married Miss Willie Duncan, of Benson, September 21, 1915; they have two children; C.C., Jr., eleven, and Edsel, four; Mr. Canaday is a member of the Benson Masonic Lodge; director of Kiwanis Club of Benson; member of Eastern Carolina Chamber of Commerce; member of Benson Missionary Baptist Church; teacher of the Baraca Class; he is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, 1914, with a LL.B. degree. His hobby is politics, roads and education.





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