Research notes for Thomas M Byrd's Around and About Cary (1994). Planning, Public Works, Annexation, Town Hall, Government (Water, Sewer, Recycling), Report of Registrar and Poll Holders (1945, 1947) -list of positions, meeting minutes, budget, consumer price index (1961-92), Biographical sketch of Koka E. Booth (Cary News, 12/28/1988), Mayors (1975-93), Population graph 1980 -projected 2030, Taxes/budgets (1972-94), Cary News (03/10/1993) Cary Recycles!, Contact information for City Officials 91994), Praxton Matthews (October 1992), Cary News (08/18/1993) Cary Gets Own Water, Mayor Harold Ritter leaving and Chuck Montgomery steps down from Town Council, Harold Ritter notes (July 1993), Reports where money is going, Brochure on Town Activities and Finance (April 1992), Census (06/19/1993), Biographical Sketch Fred G. Bond and Timeline, Water facts/timeline, Booklet of info on bond referendum, Raleigh Times (05/04/1974) Dr. Davis elected as Mayor of Cary Again, Jordan Lake Construction Began (1967), Discussing water issues (1974), Groundwater development in town of Cary (1982), Brochure on S. Cary Wastewater Treatment Plant, Water and Sewer info, Letter to Senator Helms from Bond about Beaver Dam (03/15/1974), Services and facilities contact guides, Town Council info





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