Research notes for Thomas M Byrd's Around and About Cary (1994). Raleigh Times (09/04/1956) Firemen's Day Queen, Raleigh Times (05/04/1956) 5000 Jam Cary for Firemen's Day, News and Observer (05/01/1953) Cary Fire House Nears Completion, Newspaper article (04/11/1956), Newspaper on Fire Department, Letter to South-Eastern Under Writer's Association from J. H. Stinsen with order forms, Fire Chief Report (12/1991), Police Department Fiscal (1991), History of Cary Fire Department, List of Full-Time Paid Fire Chiefs, List of Cary Fire Fighters, List of Firemen that came to reunion in 1989, Information about Ned K. Perry, Cary Volunteer Fire Department 1936 & 37, Notes on a bedroom community, Information on the Cary Fire Department, Notes on News and Observer (05/03/1956) Fire Truck Purchases, Cary News (07/25/1984) Cary is one of the safest cities in the United States, Town of Cary Report of the Citizens -Cary Police Department, Rescue squad information, Cost per call breakdown



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