Research notes for Thomas M Byrd's Around and About Cary (1994). Large photo of Cary, Biography of Samuel Cary from Biographical Directory of United States Congress, Cincinnati Historical Society bulletin (1975), Article of Death, Biographical information on Samuel Cary from Representative Citizens of Ohio 1918, Centennial History of Cincinnati and Representative Citizens 1904, Letter from Alice P. Hook (10/13/1989) -Cary Relative, John Cary the Plymouth Pilgrim, Ad for Grand Temperance Ovation in Raleigh, Dictionary of American Temperance Biography -from Temperance Reform to Alcohol Research the 1600s-1980s, Letter to Elizabeth Murray (07/05/1987), Train image, Centennial Seal with Train, The National Temperance Offering and Sons and Daughters of Temperance of Samuel Cary, Information about the Cary cottage in Cincinnati, Negative photo of Cary, Letter from Barbara J. Dawson (08/09/1989), Quote from Cary Memorials by S. F. Cary 1874, Letter to Dr. Dannenbaum, Note to ERM about Cary's Move from Ohio to North Carolina, Samuel Cary in Advocacy of Great Cause





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