Research notes for Thomas M Byrd's Around and About Cary (1994). Note from Anne Kratzer to Tom Byrd (sharing her appreciation) -photo, invitation to Mr. & Mrs. Byrd for the Dedication of the Cary Heritage Museum, Outline of info on the Templeton family, Composition of photos in the museum, Cary Heritage Museum Committee Meeting minutes, Cary News (05/20/2000), Preserving Cary's history through stories: Listening to Cary Past, News and Observer (05/18/2000) New Cary Museum Highlights growth of the town's history, Invitation to original museum, Letter from Anne Kratzer of the Page-Walker, 3 deeds for the Solomon and Cornelia Pool, Police History since 1954, Cary Heritage Museum meeting minutes (07/13/1999), Cary News 906/09/1999): Preserving the Past, Notes/descriptions of objects found by Anne Kratzer, Town limits, Centennial Stationary, Initiation to dedication of the Page-Walker Hotel Pump Sculpture, V. Fuel Oil Ration Class 3 Consumer Coupon, Printed material info on the Civil War exhibit, Timeline in Museum, Info on Cary's Founder: Allison Francis Page, Bio Dr. James M. Templeton, Economy exhibit info, The Page Children, News and Observer (11/27/1989): Civil War Relics keep hobbyist digging, Museum Civil War relics, Cary Museum Committee Meeting (04/01/1997), Page Family Tree, Civil War info for museum, Education info, 2 issues of the Innkeeper Fall 1994 and Winter 1995, Cary Museum Committee Meeting Minutes (02/17/2000)





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