This black and white photos shows the children attending the D.V.B.S. program at the First Baptist Church of Kings Mountain. The children on the front row are holding three banners that read: "First Baptist Church" "D.V.B.S." and "King's Mountain". The First Baptist Church, located at the southwest corner of Piedmont Avenue and Mountain Street, began services in 1914. In 1934, the church began conducting a Daily Vacation Bible School. This group photo shows everyone around 1935 at the church's original location on East Mountain Street.. The photo has been altered by the owner. Someone has hand drawn mustaches, a tie, and glasses on various students. There is text stamped on the bottom of the image. The text is incomplete and appears to be added at a later date. The text is very faint and reads in part "your account is now past due" At a later date someone placed a sticker to the image that reads "Circa 1930"





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