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Andrew Jackson Horne, a Black WWI veteran born 11/13/1894 in Edgecombe County, discusses serving in the Army, living in Rocky Mount, NC and his family’s history. As Horne was 102 years old at the time of the interview, he has difficulty remembering many details. He mentions his father being born on the day Lincoln emancipated the slaves, and says his family lived on a plantation owned by an Englishman named Dr. Horne. He claims Dr. Horne was killed and the farm was left to a man named Joe Powell. Horne discusses his time in the Army during WWI, recalling that it started when he was picked up by law enforcement for failing to respond when he was called up for duty. He says he was taken by train to Camp Lee, VA, where it was determined that the officer had picked up the wrong man. As Horne figured he was going to have to serve soon anyhow, he stayed at Camp Lee and was called up for duty two weeks later. He was sent to Camp Upton before departing for a year-long tour of duty in France. Horne says it took about a month to get to Europe; mentions zig zagging to avoid German submarines, and remembers an incident with one while crossing the English Channel. His unit was tasked with unloading ammo from supply lines. He talks about rumors that the officer in charge of his battalion chose to pocket money designated for promoting Black officers rather than to use it for its designated purpose and provide the Black soldiers with their due promotions.





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