Black and white photograph of the 6th grade class at Central School in Kings Mountain in 1919. There are 34 students in four rows standing in front of an archway to the school. The name of students are written on the back of the image. From Right to Left, starting with the back row: Bonnie M., Edna D., Eva P., Clara H., George M., General H., Bun G. 2nd row: Wilma M., Miss Mae Clippard, Margaret O., Rebecca Kerr, Louise G., Ava Ware, Annie R., Flossie S., Mary F., Ina B. 3rd Row: Annie Mae W., Lona S., Isabelle McGill, Margret N., Grace McDavid, Sarah C., Lena Were, Lillia M., Edna N. 4th Row: Charles F., William J., Fred H., Lawrence L., James Cole, Harold H., Dwight L., Plato G., Curtis H. There is also an address sticker for Mrs. Paul Mauney on the back.



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