A collection of materials that were distributed to the public with the intention of informing Durham Citizens about the Durham Urban Renewal Project. The Downtown Durham Booklet begins on page 1 and continues to page 15. This booklet details early details of the Durham Downtown Development Plan, including projections of the financial impact of the project. Beginning on 16 and continuing to 19 is a brochure titled Facts and Figures on Durham's $8,600,000 Bond issue, which was prepared and distributed by the City of Durham in August 1962, urging citizens to vote on the October 6, 1962 bond referendum. There were four bonds on the ballot that were specific to Urban Renewal -- Water, Street, Underpass, and Sewer Bonds -- and four aside from Urban Renewal -- Water, Sewer, Street Land, and Street Bonds. Beginning on 20 and ending on 25 is a booklet titled Concerning Durham's Urban Renewal Program. This pamphlet defines Urban Renewal, explains how Urban Renewal "works," provides a map of the Hayti-Elizabeth Street neighborhood that would be impacted by six projects, and answers to questions for those who lived or worked in the renewal area. Beginning on 16 and ending on 32 is the Facts About the North Carolina College booklet. This publication details the impact of the Durham Urban Renewal Project on the North Carolina College -- now known as NC Central University -- area. Beginning on page 33 and continuing to 45 is the Report 2 booklet. Report 2 gives details such as background and costs on Projects 1 and 2, impacting the Hayti-Elizabeth Street area, and the N.C. College Project.





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