Architectural drawing of Cooleemee Plantation House on The Hairston Plantation, depicting the main floor plan. From Bayard-Wootten studio.
History, "Cooleemee" was purchased in 1814 by Peter Nelson Hairston from General Jesse Pearson. Until 1854, when the present house was finished the original house was used. The present house was built from the drawings of an "Anglo-Grecian Villa" published in "The Modern Home Section" of Gody's Lady Book. There is no record of an Architect being connected directly with "Cooleemee." Until about 1915 there were no changes made in the house. At this time two bathrooms were added, & the North Porch was converted into a kitchen. These changes are of no architectural interest and have not been covered in these drawings. The plantation residence is on a hill overlooking the Yadkin River and a great part of the 4,500 acres still in the plantation. The Main Floor Plan, Scale 1/8"=1'-0". Sheet No. 3.





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