Bernice Britt was born June 4, 1926 in the town of Castalia in Franklin County. She lived on a tobacco farm that her parents worked. Along with tobacco they grew vegetables and milked cows. She was baptized at 12 years old. Mother made her clothes or they wore hand me downs. Britt went to a segregated high school where she walked 3 miles each way. There was no school bus for Black students. She decided to become a first grade teacher and went to Fayetteville State Teachers College. Her first job was in Louisville, GA. She worked in a single room building and she was the only adult who worked there. She did this for three months. She built her home in Castalia 40 years ago. She was the first Black person in town to have a flushing toilet and a telephone. People would come to her to send and receive messages.





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