From "Lessie" Dorman's Scrapbook. Norwood Benson, D.A. Price, Jr., Nathan Tart, Willis Cagle, Ray Holmes; Decorated: Cpl. W.R. Norris, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Rufus Norris, Sr. of Benson, has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in connection with military operations in Germany last November. Corporal Norris, a member of the National Guard at Dunn, entered active service in September, 1940. His wife, former Ella Mae Hardison of Dunn, is now residing at Benson.; Captain: Dr. Edgar M. Hall, Jr., of Raleigh has been promoted to the rank of captain with the Army's Medical Corps in Iceland. Captain Hall has been overseas for the past 13 months. When he entered the service in April, 1941, he was a member of the staff of Mary Elizabeth Hospital. Captain Hall is the son of Rev. and Mrs. Edgar M. Hall of Cary; Sgt. Rupert U. Stevens. St. Ruper U Stevens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tablot Stevens of Benson, with the Army in the British West Indies. He was inducted into the Army in April, 1942. Prior to that time he was working in Virginia.; Howard Holmes. Cpl Howard Holmes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Holmes of Benson, is with the Army Air Forces in England. He entered the service in August, 1942, trained at Sheppard Field, Texas, Keesler Field, Miss., and Fort Bliss, Texas, and has been in England since July. Two other brothers are in service. Pvt. Ray Holmes is with the Army in England, and Pvt. James Milton Holmes is with the Army at Camp Shanks, N.Y.





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