Various photographs of Johnston Community College's founding president, Dr. John Tart. He served in this capacity from 1969 until his retirement in 1998. Tart is pictured with various individuals including David Creech, Curtis Phillips, Governor Jim Hunt, Jean Stoner, Trustee Joan Johnson, Shelia Smith, Lennett Avery, and Larry Stancil. A photo of his wife, Marjore Tart, is also included. One photo shows Tart holding a jacket at the employee Christmas luncheon of 1982. Some other photos show Dr. Tart poring over plans for building campus. Another shows Dr. Tart having a conversation with Shelia Smith in a hallway of the Wilson Building. Another shows Dr. Tart speaking in the Four Oaks Campus gymnasium, and another from graduation at the campus. In another photo, Dr. Tart receives the key to a donated bus. Another photo shows Tart preparing to speak at the Miss JTI competition.



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