FRONT: Jocephus Johnson Reunion See back for identification; BACK: Jesephus Johnson Family, 1917. This photograph of the first Josephus Johnson Family Reunion at the Elevation Township homeplace in 1917 was provided by Harold Medlin and identified by Mr. and Mrs. Josephus Johnson of Route 1, Willow Springs (he is a grandson of the original Josephus Johnson). The First Josephus Johnson took office as a Johnston County commissioner in 1872 and later served as chairman of the board. He became postmaster at Ezra, his homeplace in 1881, according to C.S. Coats. Among those persons identified in the photograph are: first row--Gertrude Johnson, Fred Johnson, Braxton Johnson, Leon Johnson, A.C. Johnson and son Sherwood; second row--Lucy Johnson Woodall, James Gideon Johnson, Tom W. Johnson, Susan Johnson, Veatrice Moore, Ruth Johnson, Juanita Johnson, Ethel Johnson, Stough Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Cecil Johnson, Hunter Johnson, Glen Johnson, Lawrence Barbour, Theo Barbour, and Josephus Johnson; third row--Easter Ryner, Ada Hoyle, Zilla Hardee, Ellie Johnson, Susie Johnson, Sack King, Lillie Johnson, Josephus Johnson, Louisa Lassiter holding Paul Johnson, William Henry Lassiter, Pennie Moore, Albert Moore, and J. Shephard Johnson; Fourth row--Orvin Johnson, Victor Wallace, Victor Johnson, Venton Moore, Matt Ransom Johnson, Anna Johnson and baby; fifth row--Moneva Wallace, Corinna Hardee, Martha Johnson, Grace Johnson, Eva Johnson, Lillie Johnson, Mabel Johnson, Albert Sidney Johnson, and Allen Johnson





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