This 28-page special edition began with a desire to publish something in recognition of the 50th anniversary for the end of WWII. Staff of the Enquirer-Journal worked with volunteers from The Heritage Room (operated by The Carolinas Genealogical and the Union County Historical Societies) to begin working on the edition. Shortly thereafter they realized that 1995 was also the 20th anniversary for the end of the Vietnam War. Soon the project was expanded to include the wars that the United States was involved in during the 20th century. You can read more about how the issue came about on page 2D of the issue. The editors acknowledged that some would be left out and we would like to mention those from WWI and the Vietnam War here: For WWI: Judge E. Austin, Samuel Carter, James P. Gordon, Grady Bost Hooks, William Logan Hoover (listed as “Hooper” in the edition), Charlie Vernon McGuirt, Theron B. McGuirt, John Medlin, John W. Parker, Roy Perry, Walter N. Smith, James Floyd Staton For Vietnam: Rupert A. Funderburk, Jr., John Edward Hopkins, Billy Charles Hunter, James Larry Walden





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