Transcription: Benson School Boy Makes Radio Outfit. Fifteen-year-old Marshall Whittington constructs his own apparatus. About a year and a half ago Marshall Whittington, of Benson, became interested in radio through reading articles in electrical and engineering magazines. He became so enthusiastic that he acquired a blue print, and studying it, decided that he could readily make a set. He already had a slight knowledge of electrical wiring and as soon as he had made up his mind that he could build the set he straightaway asked his father to buy material for him. This looked like folly to his father, who felt that this idea of his son was only an idle dream and that to invest money. . . Marshall Whittington: The 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Whittenton, of Benson, build and installed the radio receiving set with which he is photographed



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