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Frank Adams tells the story of when he and his wife Jean, who lived near Kitty Hawk, went to stay with friends Jim and Alice in Rocky Mount during Hurricane Floyd. His friend Jim, a doctor, moved his valuables to upper floors before the small creek completely flooded the yard and lowest floor. Frank had severe emphysema at the time, and he needed to use a nebulizer often to treat his breathing symptoms. Dr. Jim got Adams a room in the local hospital so that he could get his breathing treatments when the power went out at the house. Adams recalls how friendly people were at the hospital, but how, shortly after arriving, he had to leave because the hospital needed space for those injured by the flood. He and his wife were moved to the Howard Johnson motel, where they stayed in a slightly flooded room. When they were able to drive back to Kitty Hawk, the usual three hour drive took them twelve hours. They found no damage to their home.





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