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In this recording, Jean and Jack Bishop recount their experience during the flood caused by Hurricane Floyd. They were in their mid-seventies and lived in Rocky Mount, in a one-story house about 200-300 feet from the Tar River. On the night of the flood, they remember water coming into the house. The water quickly rose to waist-deep and they could not open the doors because of the pressure of the water. The water was chest-deep when they were finally able to get out of the house through a sliding glass door. Outside, the current was too strong to walk or swim through, so the Bishops climbed into a tree. They stayed in the tree for about four hours, freezing and afraid of the disaster unfolding around them. Firefighters rescued them via boat, and they were taken by van to Edwards Junior High, which had been set up as a shelter. People worried that Mr. Bishop was going into shock, but they could not get him to a hospital because of the flooded roads. He ultimately traveled by ambulance to City Hall, where he was given food and shelter. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop recall how kind everyone (including their five children) was to them during the aftermath of the storm, helping them clean out their house and donating food and other items. Their home was flooded with thirteen feet of water. After the flood, Mr. Bishop was a little frustrated that the city didn't warn people who were close to the river and the dam that they may have been in danger. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop are sad that they lost most of their pictures and furniture, but they are surprised by some of the things that survived. They want to move the dogwood tree where they spent the storm to their summer home in Bath, NC.





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