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Sheila Doiron, Energy Services Manager for Rocky Mount's utilities department, remembers her experiences during Hurricane Floyd. She works for the electric and natural gas divisions. On the night of the storm, she got her car stuck in water on a country road on her way to City Hall, where she was going to work at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Eventually, a DOT truck unsuccessfully tried to push her car out of the water, and they ended up giving her a ride to City Hall. Mrs. Doiron describes some of the calls she received at the EOC, including crews asking for alternate routes to avoid water, people offering services and boats, and people wanting updates on power. At one point, all of the city's electricity was out. Her department was able to get most of the electricity back within three or four days. Mrs. Doiron said that the flood unified the community and brought with it an awareness of common human needs.



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