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Barbara F. and James "Sambo" Drake of Rocky Mount recount their experience during Hurricane Floyd. The water only trickled into their house at first, but it quickly rose. They had to wade through chest-high, cold, quickly rushing water to get to their car after getting out of their house. The city had opened the gates at the reservoir because they were afraid that the dam would break, and Sambo thinks that the city should have set off warning sirens for people living in low-lying areas. The Drakes went to stay with their son, and they couldn't get back to their home for six days, when they were able to reach it by canoe. The water got up four inches on the roof of their house. The couple describes being in a state of shock as people helped them clean their house. The modern furniture was ruined, but they were able to save old furniture and a lot of pictures. After the flood, FEMA bought out their old house. The Drakes recall the support they received from the community.





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