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Bobbi Gregory, an art and photography teacher at Rocky Mount Senior High School, shares stories from her students about Hurricane Floyd and its aftermath. Before the storm, she encouraged them to take photographs to document their experience. She describes a number of poignant photos taken by her students, including one of a mud-caked Barbie doll and many of people walking barefoot through floodwaters. In the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd, the art room was used to store relief supplies. Rocky Mount Senior High School partnered with Eastern Randolph High School in their relief efforts. Gregory tells many stories about life lessons students gained from their experiences, and she recounts specific instances of the positive human spirit. Gregory mentions two of her students by name (Ryan Howard and Brian Fleming), both of whom have had their photographs published. Her students ultimately used their Hurricane Floyd photographs to make a photo booklet with the help of teacher and flood victim Theresa Bartholomew.



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