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Jerry Jackson, Art Center Director of the Rocky Mount Art Center, describes the days following Hurricane Floyd. The art center building was lost in the flood, along with all of the records for the center's permanent exhibition and four pieces from the permanent collection. Jackson recalls his feelings driving to the center after the storm and how he walked through the rushing water in the flooded buildings. He had to tell Jason Bryant, an undergraduate student at ECU, that his art exhibition at the center had been lost. Jackson remembers how emotional he felt upon seeing the conditions of the people staying at the city's shelter at R. M. Wilson. He also tells the story of how he and Steve Warren, Rocky Mount's horticulturist, rode a boat to the art center and busted through a second floor window to save Frank Deaner Circus' hand-carved figures. In the days after the flood, Jackson was given money to make several trips to buy food for those in need. Jackson cites keeping a sense of humor allowed him to stay sane during the flood and its aftermath. He also talks about how he and his coworkers have coped with moving to new spaces and establishing new standards.





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