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Rocky Mount employees Claude Mayo (chairman of County Commissioners), Brian Brantley (head of Emergency Services), and Wayne Deal (Nash County manager) discuss their experiences during Hurricane Floyd. Deal was impressed by the way people came together immediately after the storm moved through, including people from other states. They described how neighbors helped neighbors. Brantley discusses the city's emergency preparation, which involved putting emergency vehicles everywhere, which was beneficial as some roads were impassable due to water. He describes how typical emergency vehicles couldn't handle the swift water, so the city used equipment like bulldozers, cranes, and helicopters. Seven people died in Nash County in the storm. All of the deaths were related to swift water and motor vehicles. Rocky Mount's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was relatively new at the time of the storm, and the building performed well. Employees were able to sleep, eat, and shower at the facility, which allowed them to work long shifts. Brantley also describes how nearby communities (such as Red Oak and Salem) helped each other, and how the city's tax and planning departments got together and did damage assessment. Mayo was not physically involved in the rescue efforts, as he spent most of his time working at the EOC. He describes the physical and mental exhaustion he saw among employees. Brantley said that he thinks that the state was helpful, but he believes that inland counties are largely ignored during hurricane preparations. The recording ends with the three men telling a few more stories together, including how the city obtained helicopters, natural gas issues, and animal rescues.





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