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This recording is an interview with Fred Turnage (Rocky Mount mayor), Steve Raper (city manager), Peter Varney (assistant city manager -- water resources), and Charles Penny (assistant city manager -- emergency services, human resources). The city employees describe Rocky Mount's Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which was established in 1995 and allows the city's different departments come together to deal with different areas of public responsibilities. The EOC operated for about a week with Hurricane Floyd. Charles Penny worked the first shift the night of the storm, and he describes receiving calls about rising river levels, stranded cards, and needing boats for rescue. They all describe driving through and around flooded roads. One of Peter Varney's main tasks was figuring out what to do with the groups of people who had been rescued from flooded homes. He started setting up shelters at local schools. Steve Varney describes how Rocky Mount based their preparation for Hurricane Floyd off of responses to previous storms, which caused problems because Floyd brought unprecedented flooding to the area. Mayor Turnage describes touring the city's damage in a National Guard helicopter. The flood devastated eight square miles of Rocky Mount, a quarter of the city. All of the men discuss how they were amazed by people's compassion and ability to put themselves in danger to help others. They explain the city's new hazard mitigation program, the improvement of communication plans after the storm, and how flooded facilities are being rebuilt in new locations. Finally, Mayor Turnage talks about a few of the visible, depressing reminders of the flood, such as the damage in the Tarrytown Mall and Riverside areas.





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