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Ann E. Wall, the Rocky Mount's budget manager, describes both the effects of Hurricane Floyd on the city and her role in the recovery efforts. She coordinated the entire FEMA public assistance effort, in which Rocky Mount received 21 million dollars of reimbursement from the federal organization. During the flood, Wall worked at the telephone call system, answering non-emergency calls from citizens. She remembers a couple of specific calls, including an emotional one about a dog drowning in a flooded backyard. Wall also discusses comparisons of Hurricane Floyd to Hurricane Fran, as well as the fear and shock that came with the storm. She discusses the process of working with FEMA in detail. The first part of the effort involved assessment of the damage, then project officers came to work with the city to develop forms that represent every specific thing lost. She touches on the idea of restoration versus replacement, insurance, and time limits. Finally, she discusses the positive relationships she had with the FEMA and state employees, but also notes that they did not have the same emotional reaction to the city's damage as she did. Wall discusses how the physical damage is overwhelming and will remain, along with emotional damage. She says she believes that people may move on, but they will never forget the flood.





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