FRONT: Benson School Group see back; BACK: Duplicate, name differ. Benson High School Class of 1911. At Benson High School around the turn of the century, students completed high school at the ninth-grad level. Shown is a class photo from 1911 school year. Members the eighth-grade included Monroe Adams, Bertie Barbour, Robert Barbour, Herbert Barbour, Eligar Barfield, Alta Boone, Carson Clifton, Howard Creech, John Creech, Stella Creech, India George, Lerma Godwin, Sibyl Goodrich, James Henry, H.M. Jackson, Eugene Jernigan, Ernest Jernigan, John Johnson, Latham Johnson, Paul Johnson, Willie Johnson, Thanie Kinsey, Letha Lee, Mamie Lee, Paul Lee, Walter Massengill, Lester Massengill, Bradley McLamb, Queston Moope, Loula Morgan, Jesse Morgan, Johnnie Parker, Mary Parker, Ira Raynor, William Reaves, Black Thomas, Callie Turlington, Sarah Turlington, Lena Tyner, Bertie Weeks, Howard Weeks, Eula Westbrook, and Larry Wood. Ninth Graders included Hattie Allen, Nettie Anderson, Willie Duncan, John Hall, Ida Ivey, Arthur Jernigan, Bertha Johnson, Florence Massengill, Jasper Massengill, Eli Morgan, William Moore, James Raynor, John Rose, Milton Smith, Walter Strickland, and Bessie Turlington





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