FRONT: See story on back Mrs. Molly Claude; BACK: Interested visitor--Mrs. Polly Claude, 81-year old resident of Dunn, Route 3, pictured above, got her first look at the State Capitol yesterday although she has lived all her life within 35 miles of Raleigh. A native of Harnet County, Mrs. Caudle resides between Dunn and Benson. She is the widow of Jim Caudle, who died about seven years ago, and is the mother of eight children. Six of the children are living, all residing in Johnston and Harnet counties near the farm on which she lived with her late husband. The Raleigh visitor was brought here by nephew, James Norris of Angier, Route 2, who said he thought "it would do her good in her old age to make the trip." Mrs. Caudle explained there was no particular reason why she had never come to Raleigh before yesterday. "I just never was asked," she said. Nodding in the direction of her nephew, she stated, "He came by the morning and said 'Let's go to Raleigh' and I said I would and here we are." Most of the buildings shown in the background of the picture, except the Capitol, were built during Mrs. Caudle's lifetime.





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