Transcription: Kiwanis Club of Benson-Meadow. Charter Membership. Officers: President Roy E. Smith, Treasurer Julian Godwin, Vice-President C.H. Aderholdt, Secretary Hiram Rose. Directors: Dr. B.F. Cliff, E.A. Johnson, C.R. Johnson, L.L. Levinson, W.J. Barefoot, J.N. Johnson, L.N. Johnson, J.T. Morgan. Members: Rev. Don Austin, Rev. E.Y. Averett, Wilbur F. Barbour, J.R. Barefoot, C.M. Blackman, Graham Cagle, W.E. Denning, Carl Dixon, W. Claude Dixon, Dr. S.A. Duncan, C.G. Jernigan, D. Heber Johnson, G.O. Johnson, J.M. Johnson, Kelly Joseph, R. D. Lambert, E.A. Lee, Eli Lee, James R. Lee, L.M. Lee, W. Talmage Lee, Roy Medlin, J.W. Moore, Jr., Wade V. Norris, D.A. Olive, C.N. Proctor, Dr. C.W. Sanders, J. Garland Smith, R. Leslie Smith, Fred R. Stancil, W.R. Strickland, J.C. Warren, R.B. Whittington, Wade H. Wood. Accompanist--Miss Wilhelmina Utley. Song Leader--Mrs. Jesse T. Morgan. America My county 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died! Land of the Pilgrim's pride! From every mountain side, Let Freedom ring!





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