Transcription: What the Kiwanis Club Stands For. Kiwanis offers nothing to the man who has nothing to offer in return. It does not claim to be an inexhaustible source of enthusiasm, progressiveness, public spiritedness, social consciousness and self denial where each of us may journey weekly and at its sacred fountain fill to overflowing our empty pails. Rather it is a reservoir into which we have to offer and by this process of pooling we can create a reservoir of potential power which when loosed will be amply sufficient to turn the creaky, stubborn wheels, not only of material progress, but social and spiritual as well. Neither does it claim to have the power to invoke the supernatural and transform a shallow, narrow, self-centered and conceited tight-wad into a broad, progressive and community loving citizen. Who among you would pour pig iron into a mint and expect gold to be coined; or furnish a diamond cutter with quartz and expect a perfect dazzling blue-white diamond as a finished product. If you are not being benefitted by the organization, if you do not come out of the lunch room each week a better man and citizen than you were when you went in--just remember the Club cannot make a diamond out of quartz (flint rock). The only true kiwanian is the man whose pathway of life was blazed by the golden rule before the word "Kiwanis" was ever born. To him it opens a broader avenue of service to himself, his family, his community, his country and his God, all others are wearers of the button. Chronic kickers, like the poor we have with us always but do not despair the carpenter of Nazareth had only twelve and they were his own choosing, yet that small group included one traitor and several others who occasionally had "cold feet." It is far better to attempt to do something and fail than try to do nothing and succeed. If you should stumble, don't worry; a worm is the only thing that can't fall and remember the fellow who is pulling on the oars hasn't time to rock the boat.





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