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Minnie-Jo Fisher Gray was born on a farm in Nash County. She remembers her childhood in the 1930s on the self-supporting farm, which produced goods including cornmeal, flour, wheat, corn, sugar cane, hogs, cows, and chickens. Minnie-Jo remembers hearing about the end of WWII on her radio and recalls the strong winds brought by Hurricane Hazel. She also discusses family members, including her husband Norman, her children June and Louis, siblings Selita Fisher Rose, John Thomas Fisher III, and Donald Dudley Fisher. She also tells stories she learned through her hobby of genealogy about Thomas Fisher and Civil War soldiers Willis Christopher Fisher and William Henry Fisher. As a child, Minnie-Jo spent Saturday mornings going with her family to the curb market in Rocky Mount. On Saturday nights, they went to the local community house. They visited family on Sundays. Minnie-Jo also discusses her father’s alcoholism, and she remembers her first drink at age seven.



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