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William B. Ennis, Jr. discusses his experiences working on tobacco farms throughout his life. He grew up on a farm in Wake County with three younger sisters. As an adult, he worked for Mr. Ben Strickland from Whitakers adjusting hail and wind losses to tobacco farms. He worked with both adjustors and farmers in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. During the winters, he taught school at Red Oak. Ennis describes differences in tobacco farming styles across the state of North Carolina. He also talks about what it was like growing up on a tobacco farm, describing various tasks, curing methods, pest control, communities, and types of barns. He discusses how farming and selling tobacco has changed over the years. When he taught at Red Oak, most of Ennis's students were involved with their families' tobacco farms, which is different from the migrant workers that work in most of the fields at the time of the recording. The last five minutes of the interview are inaudible, and the last twenty or so minutes of the recording is jazz music.





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