Benson High School 1945-46 sophomore class
Transcription: Taken from 1946 Tatler. These were sophomores at the time. See back VERSO: Taken from the 1946 Tatler of Benson High School. These students were sophomores at the time pictures were made. Pictured left to right beginning at the top row are: 1st Row - Doris Allen Jack Barbour, Mavis Barefoot, John Obet Blackman and W.J. Brady, Jr. 2nd Row- Faye (Byrd) Williford, E.N. Clifton, Jr., R.T. Critcher and Jimmie Farmer. 3rd Row- Jean (Holmes) Lucas, Theraldine Holmes, Algene (Johnson) Neighbors, Betty WIlson (Johnson) Biddell and Bennie Jones. 4th Row- Joyce Ann Langdon, Rebecca (Langdon) Hunt, Edmond Massad, Margaret (Moore) Morrison and, Evangeline (Neighbors) Lee. 5th Row- Joan Neighbors, Jim Norris, Ira K. Pleasant, Edna E. Raynor and Ramnson (Son) Raynor. 6th Row- Ruth Raynor, Jimmie Rose, Kenneth Thornton, Julia (Whittington) Grimes, and Dorothy (Wilkins) Stephenson. 7th Row- Betty Bow (Woodall) Williams, Earl Woodall, Billy Denning and Milby Hall. Other members of class not pictured: Theron Barbour, Charles Coats, Betty Jo Johnson, Lessie Mae (Johnson) Morgan, Margaret Webb, Mae Elizabeth Denning and Annie Ruth (Martin) Lowery.



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