This account is about Louis Norman Gay, Jr.'s experiences in World War 2. Gay volunteered for special training regarding parachuting. His overseas shipment was on the Queen Elizabeth. Gay was part of the first Flying QM in Army history. Their QM helped prepare for D-Day. They participated in operation "Market Garden" where, by chance, he wasn't on a plane that was shot down, though he was injured. He was awarded the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, and the Air Medal. The transcript includes immediate genealogical information for the family including: Norman Lewis Gay, Jr.; Edna Bradley Gay; Fannie Gladys Gay; Emma Louise Gay; Aaron Green Gay; Minnie Jo Fisher; John Thomas Fisher, Jr.; Virginia Seleta Turner; Kenneth Thomas Fisher; Virginia Seleta Fisher; John Thomas Fisher, III; and Donald Dudley Fisher. The attached pictures also include names of the 490th Drop Masters.



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