Verso: L to R, Go-Getter Banquet Post 109 American Legion 1968 1st row: County service officer L. P. Cheech, Past Post Commander Edmond Massad, Past Post Commander Parlie Lee, Past Post Commander and 1968-1869 State Commander Robert A. (Bob) Tart, Past Post Commander L. G. Morris, Past Post Commander Linwood Barbour, Past Post Commander E. A. Pope and Ned Parrish 2nd row: Past Post commander Ray G. Smith, H. R. Flowers, Archie Johnson, E. G. Clifton, J. P. Moore, Max Barber, Past Post Commander Hubert Kinsey, Bernard Parsons. 3rd row: Herman Lee, Past Post commander Fulton Moore, Roy Langdon, T. Ed Barbour, Past post Commander Jesse B. Lee, Ed Hommes, Past Post Commander Noah Barfoot, Past Post Commander Charlie Harper, Willie Allen, Ed Sorrell, Howard Holmes, Earnie B. Massengill Back row: David Snead, Harold Penny, Junius Lee and Sherrill Sorrell



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