Pictures found in the October 20, 1944 issue of The Home Front News with the following caption: "Pictured above are members of the Service Wives Club who were present at the annual meeting held at the Community House this week. First Row (reading from left to right)—Mrs. Wilbur Evans, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Joe Cashwell, Mrs. W. D. Bryan, Jr., retiring president; Mrs James Barnett, Mrs. Sidney Jones; Mrs. T. J. Porter, Mrs. J. M. Carstarphen, Jr., newly-elected president; Mrs. Don Gordon, and Mrs. Robert Morris. Second Row (left to right) — Mrs. Ira Craddock, Mrs. Biscoe Howell, Jr., Mrs. Durwood Leggett, Jr., Mrs. G. P. Miller, Mrs. Charlie Cooper, Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Ross Turk, Mrs. Clarence Harris. Third Row (left to right)—Mrs. T. R. Mayo, Mrs. W. A. Proctor, Mrs. Dan Armstrong, Mrs. C. I. West, newly-elected vice-president, Mrs. Earl Whitehurst. Fourth Row (left to right)—Mrs. Willie Harrell, Mrs. W. Stamps Howard, Jr., Mrs. Tom Collins, Jr., Mrs. Robert Norfleet, Mrs. V. I. Conyers, retiring secretary treasurer, Mrs. Fred Weeks, Mrs Robert Sexton, and Mrs. Harvey Edmundson. The members of this organization are wives of men in the service. They take an active and prominent part in all war bond drives and in other work pertaining to the conduct of the war . . . Only a few of them are shown in the picture. The membership is now around 55 and more are joining every day. This page courtesy of M. S. Brown, Secretary-Treasurer, Tarboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc., who sends greetings and best wishes to all Service Men. Photos by M. S. Brown and Tom Knox."





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