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Interview conducted as part of the Nash County Cultural Center’s Oral History Project. Boone, born in 1907, reflects on living and working in Nash County and the surrounding area. His parents were farmers, and his father was a Methodist preacher. He discusses briefly living with an older sister in Hollister, NC when he was young so that he could attend a nearby school, but his sister sending him to work at her husband’s café instead. He says he ran away, riding a train driven by his brother from Hollister to Warrenton. He describes working in Warrenton, cooking barbecue from the age of 9 until he returned to his hometown as an adult. Boone mentions that when he was 21, he married the 14 year old daughter of a man who sold him whiskey in Bailey, NC. He says she pretended to be 16 so they could get married, and that they went on to have 12 children together. He reminisces about working for a farm, driving a mule wagon to a warehouse in Rocky Mount. He speaks about buying used cars, saying nine hundred dollars was the most he ever paid for a car, and describes the roads in the area as being mostly dirt with very little traffic. He recalls having to use kerosene lamps for light, using ice to keep things cool before owning a refrigerator, and playing baseball as a child with homemade bats and a ball made from tobacco twine.





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