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Millie Arrington, African American 81-year-old widow, was born at Cedar Rock in Nash County in 1917, one of "six or seven" children in a farm family. Her father was a tenant farmer working the land of Mr. Reden Bobbitt (unclear) and Mr. Tom Wester. Though she says she had some schooling, her early life was spent largely working on the farm with her family. She says she "chopped cotton, corn, and tobacco" and helped plant tobacco seedlings in hills. She also speared tobacco onto sticks and helped take them to the barn to cure. Her family went to church on Sundays, either walking or riding in a wagon. She remembers being baptized in Mr. Bolsagolden's pond at age 12 wearing a dress and white socks. The family would occasionally ride into the nearest town, Castalia, in the wagon or "buggy." Mrs. Arrington met her husband in Cedar Rock because he used to go down her street. She liked the way he talked and acted. They married and had 12 children, one of whom died as an infant during surgery for a cleft palate at Duke Hospital. She and her husband farmed tobacco, corn, and cotton, and had a garden. Her children all went to school. Mrs. Arrington's own mother lived to be 106. Mrs. Arrington's advice is to "put your trust in God -- that's the way to go."





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