Transcription: Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Our family is re-uniting in Wilmington at America's greatest battleship this Christmas, after having gone separate ways during the Fall. The 15-year old boy on the left, Hugh Jr., will be 6 feet tall by Christmas, and is chief photographer for the Episcopal High School "Chronicle". Jimmy, age 12, was again on the YMCA basketball All-Stars, and went to a week of UNC Basketball School in Chapel Hill during the summer. He is in Junior High. Six-year old Catherine learned to swim and to ride a horse this year, and is in the First Grade. Judy is 17, has a driver's license, and cannot wait to be home from Saint Mary's at Christmas to drive her mother's car. Julia and Hugh and the whole family look forward now to a group picture beside the brand new lake at the base of Grandfather Mountain. Awareness of your friendship already makes us know that 1964 will be a happy year for us. May Christmas and the New Year also bring much happiness to you. The Hugh Mortons





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