Transcription: Best from Mortons for Christmas and New Year. The Mortons have been happily involved in the activity at Grandfather Golf and Country Club this year, so from that lovely spot we send our greeting. Catherine is in the 8th Grade in Wilmington and staff photographer on the school newspaper. Peggy Touchstone at the Linville Stables gave her a horse to keep for the winter. Hugh Jr., and Janie Hanes were married in Winston-Salem right after his graduation from the University of North Carolina. During the summer he was on the Grandfather Club's real estate staff, and at the Mountain he daily narrated the popular Mildred the Bear show. Judy and her husband, Nat Clement, selected a lot at G.G.C.C. both are doing well in U.N.C. Graduate school. Jim is at Carolina, too, is a Sophomore and making good grades, and a member of DKE. Jim's summer job was selling lots and condominiums at G.G.C.C. The entire family had been blessed with good health and good friends in 1970. Speaking for the group, Julia and Hugh send you from all of us our very best for Christmas and the New Year. The Hugh Mortons.





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