Transcription: Mortons send Christmas season best wishes. With all but one of the current generation enrolled at the University of North Carolina, the Old Well in Chapel Hill is the site from which the Mortons send 1969 greetings. Hugh Jr., is a U.N.C. Senior and had a summer job on a merchant ship that carried a load of ammunition to Viet Nam. Janie Hanes of Winston-Salem will join the family next summer when she and Hugh Jr. will be married. Jim set high jump records at Episcopal High and the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, and is now a U.N.C. Freshman. Our Judy's husband Nat Clement finished two years as an officer in U.S. Army Intelligence. He is now in U.N.C. Business Administration Graduate School, and Judy is taking postgraduate courses in radio and television at U.N.C. Catherine is making A's and B's in Junior High in Wilmington and every afternoon rides a golden horse named Nugget. Julia and Hugh, speaking for the entire group, send you very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, and a standing invitation to visit us in Wilmington and the high hills. The Hugh Mortons.





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