(verso) George B. Clifton family reunion. 1908 in Pleasant Grove Township. Children in front: Left to right, Willie, Paul, Pearl, Percy, Clifton (children of Ellis, grandchild. of George), Alton McGee (son of Addie, grandson of George), Adults with children in back: Willie Clifton (son of George), Millie Parrish Clifton (wife of Willie), Eppie Clifton (son of George), Sarah Holmes, Corinna Clifton (daughter of George), Lucy Clifton (daughter of George), Nicy Stephenson Clifton (wife of George), George B. Clifton (son of Rivers and Thetus), Bettie Stephenson Clifton (1st wife of Jesse), Jesse Clifton (son of George) with infant son Dalma, Ben Frank McGee (husband of Addie), Addie Clifton McGee (daughter of George) with infant daughter Mary, Ellis Clifton (son of George), Clyda Clifton (daughter of Ellis) with hand over face, Emma Langdon Clifton (wife of Ellis) with infant daughter Ida, Calvin Harper (husband of Cornelia), Bertie Harper (daughter of Cornelia), Cornelia Clifton Harper (daughter of George) with infant daughter Nolie. Original photo belongs to Mrs. Mary McGee / Tart Clifton





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