This is a photograph of the First Stancil Family Reunion, taken approximately 1902. Ralph Stancil has been kind enough to identify each person and we have coded them for identification as follows… Numbers for parents and letters (preceded by numbers) to identify the children of each set of parents. My father was Harry Lester Stancil (3-B) in photo, and I am his first son and was given the same name. (O) John Thomas Stancil and Melanie Catherine Sasser Stancil (I) Henry Stancil and Francis Barns Stancil (I)-A Walter (I)-B Oscar (I)-C Lilian (I)-D Bessie (2) Samuel Stancil and Missouri Howell Stancil (2)-A Elbert, (2)-B Lonnie, (2)-C Annie (3) Josiah Stancil and Minnie Sasser Stancil (3)-A Lumois (3)-B Harry Lester Stancil (4) Fred Hill and Tempy Ann Stancil Hill (4)-A Delia Hill (4)-B Ronnie Hill (4)-C John Fletcher Hill (4)-D Millard Hill (4)-E Moses Hill (4)-F Pearl Hill (4)-G Clarence Hill (4)-H Preston Hill (5) John Archer Stancil and Nettie Edwards Stancil (5)-A Arthur Stancil (5)-B Alice Stancil (5)-C Millard Stancil (6) Arnitte Stancil (7) Alvin Rosco Stancil (8) Harvey Stancil and Gertrude Williams Stancil (9) George Ira Stancil and Eva Ann Mercer Stancil (9)-A Effie Irene Stancil (10) Thomas Ruffin Stancil (11) Catherine Stancil (12) Negro Orphan Jim Batey (13) (Visiting) Alonzo Stancil and Wife Ada Raines Stancil (13)-A Child Ruby Stancil (14) (Visiting) Marceline Edwards.





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