Stitched sampler made by Margaret F. Stockard of Orange County (now Alamance County), North Carolina. Date completed October 12, 1830. Off-white linen (discolored with age) with green, yellow, light yellow, white, blue, (probably) pink, and brown threads (these would be faded from other colors). Has 4 sets of stitched alphabets, numbers. Stitches used are cross, algerian eyelet, satin, rice, and back. Thread is silk. Also personal information "North Carolina. Orange County." and "Margaret F Stockards. Sample. October The 12, 1830. J.S. C.S." and "Tis but a short uncertain space Allowed us her to live Death unperceived comes apace And may no warning give." Margaret F. "Peggy" Stockard was born in Orange County, NC, August 5, 1817, the daughter of John and Catherine Albright Stockard. She was 13 when she completed sampler. She had 7 full siblings and 3 half siblings (father's with 1st wife Jane Stewart). Married William Saren Bradshaw February 17, 1849. Had six children together. Died between 1880 and 1909 (last appeared on 1880 census, not living at time of sister Nancy's death in 1909).





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