According to Linda Barnette, a Dwiggins descendant and former library trustee, "the John Boone who signed this deed was the son of Daniel's first cousin John Boone, who died in approximately 1803. It remained in my family for 200 years in the possession of my grandmother Blanche Dwiggins Smith who passed it on to my aunt Helen Smith Wrenn, who lives in Fayetteville and gave this deed to the Davie County Public Library in January, 2013. The Ashley Crews to whom the land was sold was my 5th great-grandfather. His daughter Ursula Crews married Daniel Dwiggins, who was my grandmother's great- great-grandfather. They are buried in the old Dwiggins family cemetery on Boone Farm Road. The Dwiggins's and the Leaches mentioned in this deed were all ancestors of ours as well. Zadok Leach's daughter Sarah married Daniel Dwiggins's son Ashley. After the original Dwiggins burials, the other generations are buried at Center. My aunt decided to give this deed as a gift to the library so that it would be preserved for future generations and to honor our ancestors." Donor: Helen S. Wrenn.





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