A voucher issued to Thomas Biles and Arthur Atkins for the use of an enslaved person named Isham belonging to the estate of John Crump. Transcription is as follows: We or either of us promise to pay Littleton Harris and Lockey Simmons, Administrators with the Will annexed, of Col. John Crump deceased, the sum of forty six Dollars and [blank] cents, on or before the 25th Day of December, 1845 for value recieved of him, the same being for the hire of a negroe by the name of Isham. And we bind ourselves to furnish said negro slave with two good and full Suits of Clothes, ready made for wearing; one Hat; one Blanket; two good pair of Shoes, and two good pair of Stockings made of good materials, and pay the physicians' Bill [crossed out], and the Taxes, and return said negroe in the town of Lawrenceville, to said Administrators, on the First day of January 1846. Witness, our hands and seals. This the 7th day of January A.D. 1846 [endorsed on reverse by Thomas Biles and Arthur Atkins].





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