Built in the early 1830s by Thomas McNeely, the house, one of Mocksville's oldest, stood for more than 100 years. The large two story structure with twin chimneys on the north side featured rooms of unusual dimensions. The walls were painted yellow with high wainscoting painted red, green, and yellow. The mantels were painted in a granite pattern of green and yellow with a border design of grapes and leaves. The treads of the stairway had carved ornaments and the banister rail was of walnut or mahogany with curved newel posts. The front door with its high stone steps faced Salisbury Street, at that time the main thoroughfare in town. A deep piazza paved with brick lined the east side. In the early 1900s the structure served as the home of W.A. Weant and his sisters. Mr. Weant, a veteran tinsmith, had the distinction of making his own coffin of intricate tin workmanship several years before his death.





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