The Salisbury Street house dates to around 1830. The first known owner was Stephen L. Howell, a merchant in business with Thomas McNeely. Howell served as Registrar of Deeds of Davie County. Howell had eight children, three of whom died in November and December of 1862. The three lie buried in the yard to the rear of the house. The northern part of the house pre-dates the southern part, believed to have been added during the 1860s. The house features large brick chimneys constructed of handmade bricks and wide pine board floors. In 1863, the property was deeded to W.L. Brown and the above picture was made during his ownership of the home, probably around 1875. The home sold in 1880 to C.C. Sanford. The Larew family lived in the home in later years. The original small brick Mocksville Academy building, chartered circa 1825, stands in the yard.





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