From left to right: first row — Anne Grier, Joycelyn Coats, Dorothy Spain Parrish, Hester Ann Bizzell, Margaret Powell, Patricia Langdon, Juanita Johnson and Ann Moore; second row — Gene Talton, Linda Dupree, Sybil Langdon, Edna Earle Smith, Patricia Williams and Juanita McKenzie; third row — Bernice Braswell, Lorine Lewis, Lorise Lewis, Carolyn Reynolds, Ruby Southerland and Mary Love Campbell; fourth row — Dorothy Day, Patsy Ashley, Nan Ogburn and Rose Johnson; fifth row — Leon Johnson, Donald Barnes, Sarah Ann Hamilton, Elizabeth Johnson, Ruth Blackman and Rachel Beaty; sixth row —Herman Parker, Albert Jones, Jess Jolliff, Bill Austin and Cynthia Stevens; seventh row — Robert Fleming, Elmer Edmonds, Richard Baroody, Bobby Wallace, Harold Talton and James Ford; eighth row — Daniel Britt, Melvin Parker, Chester Barbour, Noah Wilson, Robert Barbour, Tyrus McCullers and Charles Thompson, and ninth row — Lunceford Creech, Frank Wiggs, N. S. Stevens and Bryan Coats. Mascots are Betty Talton and Warner Wells.





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