Photo of Clear Run High School's Class of 1965. Gradutes from left to right: Artis, Barbara J.; Alford, Jesse; Ballard, Faye; Bannerman, Minnie; Bannerman, Wendell; Boykins, Charles; Caldwell, Eddie; Carr, Melba; Carr, Myra; Carr, Perlene; Carraway, Willie; Cooper, Roland; Corbett, Inez; Cyrus, Peggy; Crenshaw, Lula; DeVane, Florence; DeVane, Remolyer; Fennell, Delois; Fryar, Bernice; Fryar, Blondie; Gibbs, Franklin; Hayes, Fred L.; Hayes, Gladys; Hayes, James; Herring, Billy; Herring, George; Herring, Lillie; Herring, Percell; Herring, Roxie; Herring, Tony; Highsmith, Geraldine; Highsmith, Rayfield; Hill, Carlotta; Holmes, George; Johnson, Shirley; Mainor, Mary; Mainor, Rosa; McKoy, Mary F.; McKoy, Rachel; Matthews, Jannie; Matthews, Linda; Miller, Gwendolyn; Miller, Marilyn; Mitchell, Paul; Mott, Faye E.; Murphy, Carolyn; Peterson, Billy; Peterson, Thomas; Pickett, Swindell; Pickett, Willie; Robinson, George; Robinson, Gloria; Robinson, Mable; Robinson, Peggy; Simpson, Fletta; Smith, Mary; Spearman, Warren; Stokes, Willie; Treadwell, Horace; West, Ingrid; Williams, Lee; Wright, Ann. The 1965 staff included Torrey, C. E. (principle); White, P. S. (advisor); Billie, A. (advisor).



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